NABSA Hosts Webinar Discussing Marketing and Community Engagement for Shared Micromobility

Bikeshare and shared micromobility operate in more than 100 cities across the globe, and each system is as unique as the city it calls home. Authentic, thoughtful campaigns are the key to connecting with communities and converting more residents into riders. Marketers must also be nimble and adjust to current events.

The marketing and community engagement webinar covered crafting marketing campaigns reflective of your communities, why community engagement should be part of your marketing plan and how to incorporate it, tools and educational resources that can help elevate your marketing efforts, and approaches to communicating about crises.

  1. Speakers spoke about marketing campaigns performed in their markets and some key results from those initiatives.
  2. We discussed the importance of community engagement in the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry and how to plan for it in your day-to-day operations.
  3. Speakers discussed approaches to messaging and campaigning in the post-COVID era
  4. Finally, we provide a list of tools and resources that we’ve found to be helpful for marketing

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