Member Spotlight: Gotcha

Rider on Gotcha Scooter.

Gotcha is a shared electric mobility company dedicated to providing innovative products and technologies that get people out of single-occupancy cars and safely onto efficient, sustainable micro-transit products. The company operates e-bikes, e-scooters, sit-down scooters, and e-trikes as transportation solutions tailored to cities and universities across the US. Gotcha empowers communities to lead happier, more productive lives through the transformative power of affordable, accessible micro-transit.

Recently, they’ve experienced a lot of success in mid-sized markets, like Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While some operators choose to focus on larger metro areas, like Chicago or New York, they’ve found that smaller cities have higher utilization rates, and residents really appreciate easy access to an alternative transportation option.

They’ve been grateful to have Blue Cross and Blue Shield as a partner for a few of their systems. They say it’s been great to see a healthcare company back bikeshare programs that get people out of cars and on to a form of transportation that encourages more activity.

When asked what they value most about being a NABSA member, Gotcha said our Knowledge Share, webinars, and annual conference have all been very beneficial. Those resources allow them to stay up to date with all the latest industry info and make vital connections that positively impact the future of Gotcha.