Qucit‘s mission is to make cities more livable, efficient and sustainable. They believe that shared mobility, and more particularly bikesharing, is one of the main vectors of tomorrow’s sustainable city. The company is currently contributing to the growth of bikesharing by developing Qucit Bike: an artificial intelligence to optimize the rebalancing of bikeshare systems. Qucit Bike makes it possible to improve the profitability of operators, the quality of service for users and to reduce the environmental impact of rebalancing operations. Qucit Bike consists of an intuitive mobile application for balancers and a dashboard for the operations manager.

Qucit’s latest deployment is the city of Tartu in Estonia. This is a brand new system, and the first bikeshare system in the country! Implemented in June 2019, they launched with 750 bicycles, 510 of which are electric. Qucit is convinced that a good rebalancing methodology from the beginning of a new system can boost usage, simplify the operator’s work and ensure that the critical phase of the system’s launch is carried out under the best conditions.

Raphaël Cherrier, Founder & CEO says of Qucit’s NABSA membership, “Being a member of NABSA allows us to interact with the various stakeholders in the bikeshare and micromobility industry in North America, to keep abreast of the latest technological and legislative developments and to meet future customers and business partners. And it is also an opportunity to meet other cycling enthusiasts and to participate in an incredibly positive, dynamic and welcoming ecosystem!”