Hundreds of Leaders in Bikeshare and Shared Micromobility Convene for Sixth Annual Industry Conference
  • Over 300 attended the conference, held in Indianapolis, IN

  • Seventh annual NABSA Conference will be held in Guadalajara in 2020

November 4, 2019 – The North American Bikeshare Association was proud to host 300 leaders in bikeshare and shared micromobility in Indianapolis for the 2019 Annual Conference, How We Move: Micromobility, Macro Impact.

These three days were packed with educational opportunities, from viewing the fantastic infrastructure and transit provided by our hosts, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare, to the presentations, discussions, and breakout sessions.

Attendees discussed the most pressing issues facing the industry: from equity and accessibility to data privacy and analysis. At the conference NABSA introduced a new publication and online resource supporting its equity goals, the Workforce Diversity Toolkit for Bikeshare and Shared Micromobility. The toolkit was also utilized in a workshop during the conference, where dozens of attendees brought their first-hand experience to address increasing diversity in the industry.

NASBA also hosted a GBFS Developers Workshop in conjunction with the annual conference, bringing experts from around the world to work on how the General Bikeshare Feed Specification should be updated to reflect the changes in the industry. The workshop was a milestone in NABSA’s ongoing efforts to update GBFS and develop data privacy principles for the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry. A separate panel session during the conference also focused on data privacy best practices.

“I’m really proud of what we accomplished at the conference this year,” said Samantha Herr, NABSA Executive Director. “We didn’t just share with each other our experiences from home, but we actually came here, and we did the work together.”

NABSA also announced that the 2020 conference will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, September 30-October 2. This will be the first NABSA gathering to be held in Latin America.

The hosting member is BKT Bici Pública, which operates MiBici, the bike-sharing system in Guadalajara’s metropolitan area, the second-largest system in Mexico. When announcing the 2020 Conference location, BKT Director Mario Delgado said, “I want to thank NABSA and its board members for the commitment to transcend borders.”

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