Tembici: A Sustainable Commuter Solution


Already this year, NABSA member Tembici has exceeded 4 million trips throughout its system. Operating in 18 cities in three countries, the company is already the largest bikeshare operator serving Latin America and growing. The success of the system is its connection to public transit, especially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where first-last mile commuting solutions are needed to complement limited public transportation access. It is also very cost-effective, with pricing that is significantly lower than transit.

Each year, Tembici sends their members an individual summary of their carbon emissions savings by using bikeshare, and overall calculated that in 2018 Tembici riders generated savings of more than 19 million kilograms in CO2 emissions. Tembici is always looking to improve their service and efficiency. In January, the company turned to artificial intelligence to optimize its fleet management, planning to bring their availability for bikes and docks to 98% during peak usage times. Already they are seeing improvements in their availability and fewer rebalancing trips, improving their sustainability and further decreasing their carbon footprint.

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