NABSA Member Spotlight: Portland Bureau of Transportation

Portland Rolls Out Inventive Steps Toward Equity in Micromobility

As of this month, NABSA member Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)’s BIKETOWN for ALL program donated approximately $1,500 in ride credits for Portland-area residents living on low wages. The program has offerings such as $3 monthly memberships for BIKETOWN with 90-minute daily rides, in addition to covering first-month payment through other BIKETOWN for ALL members via the Pay It Forward initiative. PBOT and Motivate manage outreach and day-to-day runnings of BIKETOWN for ALL, which is operated by Lyft.

PBOT also recently conducted an e-scooter pilot program along with a representative citywide poll. Results showed 71 percent of locals felt positive about e-scooters, and 34 percent of locals replaced driving and ride-hailing trips with e-scooter trips. E-scooters also attracted new people to active transportation. Among locals, 74 percent reported never riding BIKETOWN before. See the complete report here.