NABSA rolls forward with strategic vision for 2019

NABSA is proud to announce our strategic vision for 2019 and beyond.

This plan, compiled from our fall 2018 NABSA member survey and created at our NABSA staff and board retreat, will guide NABSA’s leadership in the evolving bikeshare industry. NABSA will focus its resources on member priorities in the upcoming year by initiating the following key directions.

1.NABSA will widen our scope to include other shared micromobility devices. If it fits in a bike lane, it fits in the North American Bikeshare Association.

Why: The widening niche of shared micromobility devices started with bikeshare. Whether bikes, scooters or other small, shared mobility vehicles that may soon hit our streets, the model for implementation, management, and regulation is virtually the same. We are stronger together, speaking with a unified voice.

2. NABSA will work to increase engagement with our member organizations. Over the course of 2019, NABSA will roll out more ways for us to connect with each other.

Why: One of NABSA’s strengths lies in our ability to facilitate cross-sector conversations around issues that matter most in the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry. We want to leverage the positivity around our well-attended annual conference, webinars, newsletters, twitter, member listserv and speaking engagements, to provide more avenues for conversation and engagement as the industry grows. Stay tuned!

3. NABSA will bring you another amazing conference in fall 2019 in Indianapolis, in which shared micromobility will be a key theme. The 2019 NABSA conference will facilitate discussions about shared public right-of-way, public-private partnership, and the management of multiple shared micromobility devices.

Why: The NABSA conference is already the only event of its kind around the world. Because of that, the NABSA conference continues to be the place to be for bikeshare and shared mobility professionals to get facetime, have fun, and move the industry forward. We’re keeping this momentum going by doing what we do best: Getting the biggest minds in bikeshare, and now also shared micromobility, in the same room at the same time to work together toward a future that is shared.

4. NABSA will bring our policy efforts to the next level by strengthening our relationships with federal level policymakers in North America.

Why: The bikeshare and shared micromobility industry is growing. We need a unified voice to make sure our messages and priorities are heard at the highest level of policy-making to better weave these mobility modes into the fabric of public transportation both in the short and long term. NABSA has already begun this work, which is needed now more than ever.

5. NABSA will be seeking further member input to inform the focus of NABSA’s research and data projects in 2019.

Why: Bikeshare and shared micromobility platforms are built on data. With the explosion of growth in our industry, the sheer quantity of data collected is staggering, and the research options are endless. NABSA is an action-oriented association with the desire to reflect the research prioritizes of our members, and to advance the industry as a whole. NABSA has a dedicated Research and Data Committee to deliver research products to benefit our members. Stay tuned for an opportunity to provide member input regarding the 2019 research objectives.

NABSA continues to embrace change in bikeshare and micromobility and we look forward to working together with our members to advance the industry.