Announcing NABSA’s Elected Board of Directors

NABSA welcomes the following two bikeshare representatives to its board of directors:

  • Alison Cohen, president and CEO at Bicycle Transit Systems
    Cohen has been involved in bikeshare as an influential leader for the last 10 years. She has experience in many aspects of the bikeshare industry from earning sponsorship to on-the-ground operations and customer service. Cohen leads Bicycle Transit System’s 120 employees to operate highly-utilized, financially sustainable bikeshare systems across the U.S.
  • Ben Bolte, founder and executive director at GREENbike SLC
    Bolte has expanded Salt Lake City’s nonprofit bikeshare system GREENbike by 400 percent since it began. For the past eight years he has worked in a variety of roles in bikeshare for the public and private sector. Bolte is also a founding member of NABSA and shares a passion for growing the industry.

In addition to its two newest members, NABSA also advances four current board members into officer positions:

  • President: Kristen Camareno, executive director at Fort Worth Bike Sharing
    Camareno most recently held the position of vice president. She currently serves as executive director of Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Inc. She has worked through several facets of the federal grant process, fundraising, public-private partnerships and nonprofit operations and has shared lessons learned and best practices with new and established systems.
  • Vice President: David White, executive director at Pittsburgh Bike Share
    White leads a nonprofit that operates one of the few smart bike systems in North America. With a background in municipal planning and decision making, he is devoted to changing the transportation landscape and altering the way humans move in American cities.
  • Secretary: Steve Hoyt-McBeth, program manager at Portland Bureau of Transportation
    Hoyt-McBeth brings more than a decade of experience working in behavior change and has worked in public policy for 20 years. He oversees the Portland’s bikeshare system BIKETOWN and encourages bikeshare innovation.
  • Treasurer: Kären Haley, executive director at Indianapolis Cultural Trail/Pacers Bikeshare
    As the executive director of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc, Haley leads the team that manages and programs the urban bike and pedestrian path in downtown Indianapolis. In 2014, she launched Pacers Bikeshare, a program named after the Indiana Pacers basketball team, now comprised of 29 stations and 251 bikes.

To learn more about NABSA’s board and its vision for a future that is shared, please click here. Also, stay tuned for NABSA’s 2019 strategic direction.