More Bicycle Tariffs Proposed: NABSA Takes Action

The federal government has proposed increasing the tariff on most bicycles, products and accessories from China by 10 percent, and announced last week that they are considering increasing the proposed tariff from 10 percent to 25 percent. This proposal comes on the heels of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) proposal to increase the tariffs on electric bicycles and motors from China to 25 percent.

Included in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule headings are: 8712 (complete bicycles); 8714 (bicycle parts); 4011.50.00 (bicycle tires); 4013.20.00 (bicycle inner tubes); 3926.90.96 (bicycle inner tubes); 6506.10.30.45/6506.10.60.45 (helmets); 7315.11.00.10 (chains); 8512.10.20/8512.10.40/8512.90.40 (bicycle lights); 8716.40.00 (trailers); 4204 (racks and bags), among others. 

The bikeshare industry relies on several products and accessories listed in this proposal to grow the industry and maintain shared-use bicycles in safe and working order. The proposed tariff on bicycle products and accessories would significantly increase the cost to implement and operate bikeshare for cities, companies, and non-profits, as well as for the users who depend on it. This would undoubtedly harm the bikeshare industry.

NABSA urges its members to submit a comment in opposition to USTR through the PeopleForBikes organized comment form or directly through the USTR comment site.

The deadline for submitting written comments is Friday, August 17th!

In addition, NABSA submitted comments on behalf of the bikeshare industry. You can read the letter here.

More information on the proposed bicycle tariffs can be found on the PeopleForBikes site here.

If the tariffs are finalized, you can apply for an exemption!

If any of these proposed tariffs are finalized, the USTR has also created an exemption process where you can apply for exemptions for specific products. This would be most helpful in a situation like e-bikes where the HTS classification includes a broad range of items in addition to bicycle products. Applications must include specific data and be received by October 9. You can view the full details for the exemption process here.

UPDATED 10/23-18: On Monday, September 17, USTR announced that the round of tariffs on bicycle products, components and accessories has been approved. A 10 percent tariff will go into effect on September 24, 2018, and remain in place until January 1, 2019, when a 25 percent increase will be implemented. Read the official press release from the White House here. For additional updates, see the PeopleForBikes Tariff Resources page here.