NABSA Kicks Off Summer with Exciting Bikeshare News

At NABSA, we know bikes aren’t just a recreational vehicle to be hauled out for one month in the year; it’s an ever-present mode of transportation that’s changing the mobility landscape and health of our communities. We’re looking back on our favorite Bike Month member stories from Canada to Mexico – and celebrating the momentum they’ve built in their communities all year long!

Here are just a few of our favorite member updates:

    • The First Bikeshare System Serving a Native American Territory
      NABSA member Bantam Strategy Group played a vital role in bringing the first bikeshare system to a Native American colony. The company worked with regional partners in Reno, Nevada, to launch a Lime bikeshare system on May 14. Aside from its work in Reno, Bantam collaborates with multiple cities and entities to bring bikeshare visions to life.
    • Placing Bikes in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
      NABSA member Bi-State Development in St. Louis launched its dockless bikeshare system this April. The city has developed an “equity map” with areas where residents faced certain disadvantages that bikeshare could help with such as access to transportation and job opportunities. Each bikeshare company in the city is required to place 20 percent of bikes in these areas to help community members.
    • Expanding Bike Share in Toronto
      NABSA member Bike Share Toronto conducted a feasibility study in 2011 to determine the optimal size for a bike share program in its growing metropoles. After receiving results, the Toronto Parking Authority developed an ambitious five-year plan to offer residents a new and healthier mode of transportation in the community. Their goal: approximately 1,000 bikes every year. To date, Toronto’s expansion will have implemented 361 stations and 3,750 bikes.
    • Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Mexican Bikeshare
      NABSA member BKT Bicipublica will offer the first artificial intelligence (AI)-based bikeshare platform in Mexico. The platform will show riders where bikes are available and offer an optimized rider experience.  

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