2015 NABSA Annual Meeting Presentations

Tuesday, September 29th

8:00        Registration & Breakfast

8:30        Welcome to the Conference 

  • Sharon Feigon, Executive Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC)
  • Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride MN, President, North American BikeShare Association (NABSA)

8:40       Welcoming Remarks 

  • Daniel Biss, State Senator, 9th Senate District, Illinois
  • Leanne Redden, Executive Director, Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

8:50        Battle of the Books: Authors’ Visions of the Future 

Two of transportation’s foremost experts will share insights from their new books. In “Start-Up City”, Gabe Klein –former DOT director in Chicago and Washington, D.C. and currently a Special Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners – explores “public entrepreneurship” and ways to quickly drive big change in cities. In “Street Smart: The Rise of Cities and the Fall of Cars”, Sam Schwartz – former New York City Traffic Commissioner and founder of Sam Schwartz Engineering – examines the role “smart streets” play in driving urban transformation, rolling back congestion and smog, and improving America’s cities. 

  • Julia Parzen, Sustainability and Network Advisor and Consultant (Moderator)
  • Gabe Klein, Special Venture Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Sam Schwartz, President and CEO, Sam Schwartz Engineering

9:45    Connecting the DOTs:  What Can Shared Mobility Do for Cities?

  • Satya Rhodes-Conway, Managing Director, Mayor’s Innovation Project (Moderator)
  • Scott Kubly, Director, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
  • Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)
  • Sam Zimbabwe, Associate Director of Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration, District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
  • Rebekah Scheinfeld, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  • Leah Treat, Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

11:05    Coffee Break: Visiting the Expo & Outdoor Mobility Hub

11:15    NABSA Operations Track:  Bikeshare Design 2.0 (Congress Plaza)

  • Kevin Hardman, Executive Director, Bublr Bikes (Moderator)
  • Ben Serrota, Bicycle Builder and Designer, Motivate
  • Nick Foley, Vice President, Industrial Design, Social Bicycles
  • Matt McNulty, Technical Director, London Cycle Hire Scheme
  • David Eddington, Operations Manager Cycle Hire Business Unit, Transport for London
  • Emily Brooke, Founder and CEO, Blaze Laserlight

11:30    Morning Concurrent Panels

1. Making the Case for Shared Mobility: Are We Realizing the Health, Climate, Environmental and Economic Benefits? (Feinberg Theater)

  • Scott Bernstein, President and Founder, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) (Moderator)
  • Jennifer Dill, Professor, Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
  • Sue Zielinski, Managing Director of SMART, University of Michigan
  • Deron Lovaas, State/Federal Policy & Practice Director, Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Dianne Schwager, Senior Programs Officer, Transit Cooperative
  • Ron Burke, Executive Director, Active Transportation Alliance

2. What’s in Your Wallet? Apps, Smartcards and the Future of Mobile Payment (Gallery 10)

  • Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride MN, President, North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA)- Moderator
  • Jamie Hamann-Burney, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)
  • Sean Walcott, Associate, Enterprise Solutions, RideScout
  • Peter SerVaas, President, DoubleMap
  • Jamie Pfister, Deputy Associate Administrator, FTA Office of Research, Demonstration, and Innovation, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)
  • Jennifer McGrath, Strategic Planner, Utah Transit Authority
  • Will Becker, Program Manager, Greenbike

11:30     NABSA Marketing/Development Track:  Closing the Bikeshare Budget Gap (Congress Plaza)

  • Elliott McFadden, Executive Director, Austin B-Cycle (Moderator)

12:45       Lunch Plenary- From the Trenches: What It Takes to Scale Up (9th floor)

  • Clayton Lane, Deputy Director, Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, World Resources Institute (WRI) (Moderator)
  • Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications & Public Policy, Zipcar
  • Robert Burns, Vice President and General Counsel at Trek Bicycle Corporation, President, B-Cycle
  • Michael Mikos, Director of Strategic Development, car2go
  • Emily Castor, Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft
  • Padden Murphy, Head of Public Policy and Business Development, Getaround
  • Justin Ginsburgh, Vice President Business Development, Motivate

2:30       Afternoon Breakout Sessions I

1. Solutions: New Strategies for Expanding Options (Feinberg Theater)

  • Zoe Kircos, Grant Manager, PeopleForBikes (Moderator)
  • Dianna Ward, Executive Director, Charlotte Bcycle
  • Aaron Ritz, Bicycle Programs Manager, City of Philadelphia
  • Fernando Cazares, L.A. Regional Coordinator (Urban Solutions) & Policy Advocate, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Kiera Smalls, Community Relations Manager, Indego
  • Tanya Paz, Principal, Tanya Paz Consulting

2. Working in the Sharing Economy (Landmark Room)

  • Mariia Zimmerman, Principal and Founder of MZ Strategies, LLC (Moderator)
  • Paul Soglin, Mayor, City of Madison
  • Ryder Pearce, Co-Founder, Sherpashare
  • David Zipper, Managing Director, 1776
  • Luann Hamilton, Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)

3. The Microtransit Movement: How Shuttles and Splitting are Changing Urban Mobility (Gallery 10)

  • Mariana Parreiras, Access Coordinator, Transit & Shuttles, Customer Access & Accessibility, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) (Moderator)
  • Paul Steinberg, Chief Business Officer, Carma
  • Dan Winston, Strategy and Business Development, Split
  • David Mahfouda, Founder and CEO, Bandwagon
  • James Kessler, COO, Ride
  • Ali Vahabzadeh, Founder and CEO, Chariot
  • Nona Varnado, Founder, L.A. Bike Trains

4. Technology Track: Putting It All Together—Technology Workshop:  Drill Down to App Design, Product Optimization, and Technology Standards (Classroom 714)

  • Michael Dinning, Director of Multimodal Programs and Partnerships, USDOT Volpe Center
  • Paula Okunieff, Senior Solution Architect, DKS Associates
  • Michael Fruman, VP of Technology, Motivate

2:30    NABSA Marketing/Development Track :  Bicycle Health Initiatives/ Partnerships (Congress Plaza)

  • Donna Gerber, VP of Community Investment and Public Affairs, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (Moderator)
  • Sean Co, California Market Lead, Toole Design Group
  • William Snyder, System Leader, Community Transformation, Presence Health
  • Tami Traeger, Director, Outreach and Sponsor Relationships, Nice Ride Minnesota
  • Adam Becker, Executive Director, Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, Lurie Children’s Hospital

2:30    NABSA Operations Track:  Generation 4.0 Bikeshare – Emerging Pedal-Assist Technology (Congress Plaza)

  • Nicole Freedman, Director of Active Transportation, City of Seattle (Moderator)
  • Jacob Doctoroff, Director of Strategy, Motivate
  • Philip Douglas, Founder, Velobility
  • Laurent Mercat, President, Smoove

3:30        Coffee Break: Visiting the Expo & Outdoor Mobility Hub

4:00        Afternoon Breakout Sessions II

1. Federal Policy and Funding for Shared Mobility (Feinberg Theater)

  • Kathleen Woodruff, National Field Director, 21st Century Transportation Campaign, U.S. Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) (Moderator)
  • James Corless, Director, Transportation for America
  • Jason Pavluchuk, Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT)
  • Katy Hartnett, Director of Government Relations, PeopleForBikes
  • Allen Greenberg, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (USDOT)

2.   Overcoming the Challenges of Electric Bikesharing and Carsharing (Gallery 10)

  • Eric Heineman, Former Sustainability Director for Governor of Illinois, Heineman Consulting (Moderator)
  • Herve Muller, VP & GM, IER (Blue Solutions, Bolloré Group); President, BlueIndy
  • Dr. Chris Cherry, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee
  • Nicole Freedman, Chief of Active Transportation & Partnerships, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
  • Michael Keating, Founder & CEO, Scoot Networks

3. Land Use and Density: What does it take to make shared mobility successful? (Landmark Room)

  • Doug Farr, President, Farr Associates (Moderator)
  • Michael Kodransky, Global Research Manager, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
  • Ann Cheng, GreenTRIP Program Director, TransForm
  • Joe Iacobucci, Director of Transit, Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Joseph P. Schwieterman, Professor, School of Public Service, DePaul University

4. Putting It All Together—Technology Track:  Drill Down to Business Rules, Funding, and Opportunity Areas (continued from 2:30 technology session)

  • Michael Dinning, Director of Multimodal Programs and Partnerships, USDOT Volpe Center
  • Paula Okunieff, Senior Solution Architect, DKS Associates
  • Michael Fruman, VP of Technology, Motivate

4:00    NABSA Marketing/Development Track : Small Cities Bikeshare Initiatives (Congress Plaza)

  • Mirte Mallory, Executive Director, WE-cycle (Moderator)
  • Justin Ginsburgh, Vice President of Business Development, Motivate
  • Phil Goff, New England Planning/Design Leader, Alta Planning + Design

4:00     NABSA Operations Track:  Helmets

  • Kim Lucas, Bicycle Program Specialist, Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration, Washington DC Department of Transportation (Moderator)
  • Chris Strong, Vice President and Founder, Kranium
  • Demi Allen, General Manager Pronto Cycle Share, Motivate
  • Sam Terry, CEO, Lid
  • Jean-Paul Paloux, Director of Operations, PBSC Urban Solutions

5:00       Champagne Toasts & Closing Remarks

5:30       Lakefront and Downtown Chicago Bike Tour on Divvy (Registration only- limited to 30 spots)

Wednesday, September 30th

NABSA ANNUAL MEETING (Registered Attendees Only)

8:00     Registration

8:00 – 9:15   Breakout Meetings With Backend Vendors

These breakfast sessions may include discussion of innovations subject to confidentiality agreements and are therefore limited to persons responsible for ownership, operation, or oversight of systems using same back-end vendors.

9:15 – 10:15  New Developments Rapid Fire

Each member will present new technology, sales strategy, operations technique, or outreach program in structured format. (One powerpoint slide; 90 seconds, timed; no questions)

10:15 – 11:00 Annual Member Meeting

Executive Report, Elections, Proposed Amendment to By-Laws

11:00-11:15     Break

11:15-12:30     First Breakout

1. System and Expansion Planning

Can planning pros help us build support for expansions that meet utilization, equity, and financial goals? Comparing performance at station level. Should target be 28 stations per square mile, everywhere? Post-mortem on Chicago expansion and Philadelphia launch planning. 

  • Sean Wiedel, Assistant Commissioner, Citywide Services Section, Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) (Moderator)
  • Evan Corey, Senior Associate, Nelson Nygaard
  • Ken Steif, Founder, Urban Spatial Analysis
  • Sam Frommer, Senior Planner + Designer, Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Peter Topalovic, Peter Topalovic, City of Hamilton Public Works
  • Kate Fillin-Yeh, Bikeshare Program Director, National Association of City Transportation Officials

2. Sponsorship & Advertising

State of the industry.  Opportunities to strengthen sponsorship relationships and ad values.

  • Mirte Mallory (Moderator)

3. Realtime Bikeshare Open Data Standard

The NABSA Board wants to endorse an open data standard that will make it easy for Google and any other developer to access our real-time data and help people find bikes. Our working group has been commenting on a draft. We’ll get all the stakeholders in a roundtable discussion and work toward consensus and a process to review and update a standard going forward. Discussion participants will include:

  • Mitch Vars, IT Director, Nice Ride Minnesota (Working Group Coordinator)
  • Marcin Pyla, CTO, SoBi
  • Michael Frumin, Motivate VP Technology
  • Jean-Sebastien Bettez, CTO, 8D Technologies
  • Eric Normandin, Chief Technology Officer, PBSC Urban Solutions
  • Jason Dove, Director of Technology, B-cycle

4. Web & Social Media:  Content & Effectiveness

Finding your voice and maintaining it after bikes aren’t new. What is ROI on my social media investment? Integrating social media with customer service and operations communication.

  • Erin Potts, Director of Marketing & Outreach, Pittsburgh Bikeshare (Moderator)
  • John Geletka, EVP of Digital Strategy, Duffy
  • Chelsea Cox, Community Manager, SoBi Hamilton
  • Kevin Bell, Marketing and Communications Manager, Boulder B-cycle
  • Nikki Javurek, Campaign Strategist, PeopleForBikes Coalition

5. Batteries & Solar Panels 101 (Short session)

Reducing battery swaps and making your battery investment last.

  • Tyler Justin, Technical Service Operations Manager, NYC Bikeshare  (Presenter)

6. Making Your Shop a Great Place to Work (Short session)

Finding and retaining a great operations team in a job-seeker’s market.

  • Elliot Greenberger, Divvy General Manager, Motivate (Presenter)
  • Dawn Fry, Divvy Sr HR & Administration Manager, Motivate

12:30 – 1:30  Lunch in Small Groups – Outside

All Afternoon Off-Site

1.Shop Talk:  Bike Maintenance and Redistribution Equipment (At Motivate’s Divvy Operations Center, 2132 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL 60612)

After lunch outside, take a Divvy to Motivate’s shop (about 4 miles).  Reconvene at 1:15. The Motivate Divvy operations team will lead a discussion with operations directors, bike designers, components suppliers, and mechanics on fleet maintenance and redistribution.  Compare tools and techniques and learn the tricks of the trade.

  • Elliot Greenberger, Divvy General Manager, Motivate

1:30-2:45    Second Breakout                                                 

1. Bikeshare Reliability:  Meeting Expectations

Follow-up to webinar on latent demand. Discussion questions include:  how much redistribution is sustainable in your city? How can you establish and meet customer expectations appropriate for your city context? How do you manage surge pricing? How can you incent customers to rebalance?

  • Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Project Manager, Bikeshare + SmartTrips Business Active Transportation Division, City of Portland (Moderator)
  • Chris Lewis, Service Delivery Operations Manager, NYC Bicycle Share, LLC
  • Matt McNulty, Technical Director, London Cycle Hire Scheme
  • David Eddington, Operations Manager Cycle Hire Business Unit, Transport for London
  • Sean Burak, Operations Manager, SoBi Hamilton

2. Pricing & Product Configuration

Presentation summarizing pricing and product configurations tested in 2015. What worked and what tanked? Will the difference between members and casual users disappear? Are simpler user fees better for your city?

  • Paul DeMaio, MetroBike (Moderator)
  • Ryan Rzepecki, Founder & CEO, Social Bicycles
  • James Waddell, Executive Director, Boulder B-cycle
  • Joseph James Hurley, Associate Planner Analyst, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
  • Lauren Mercat, President, Smoove

3. Preparing for the Next Disruption

Touchless payments, e-bikes, smart bikes, wrist phones, better batteries and solar panels, faster data connections, and who knows what else will make our current equipment outdated.   How can you keep your equipment in step with latest tech? How can keep running when nobody makes that old touchscreen or card-reader anymore? This session will bridge the communication gap between cities and entrepreneurs on technology obsolescence and upgrade.

  • Moderator:  Heath Maddox, Senior Planner, Livable Streets, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  • Panel Members:
    • Michael Frumin, VP Technology, Motivate
    • Jean-Sebastien Bettez, CTO, 8D Technologies
    • Matt McNulty, Technical Director, London Cycle Hire Scheme
    • David Eddington, Operations Manager Cycle Hire Business Unit, Transport for London
    • Marcin Pyla, CTO, SoBi
    • Eric Normandin, Chief Technology Officer, PBSC Urban Solutions

4. Public Funding Sources for Bikeshare Systems

CMAQ, TIGER, STP and more will be discussed during this session. Panelists will explore the regulatory framework of programs that support active transportation, eligible costs, and the summary of the grant/awards received in 2015.

  • Kristen Camareno, Executive Director, Fort Worth Bike Sharing (Moderator)
  • John Donovan, Chicago Metro Area Specialist, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • James Corless, Director, Transportation for America
  • Sean Wheldrake, Project Lead, Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Unit, Transportation Services, City of Toronto

2:45 – 3:00     Break

3:00-4:15        Third Breakout

1. Getting Regional         

A review of strategies for bikeshare systems with funding, ownership,  or  oversight through multiple local jurisdictions. Panelists will discuss integrating pricing, product, and marketing strategies and sharing of revenues and responsibilities in a regional setting. Attendees will learn when to say yes, and how to say no, to satellite expansion.

  • Paul DeMaio, Capital Bikeshare Manager, Arlington County, VA (Moderator)
  • Emily Stapleton, Bay Area Bikeshare General Manager, Motivate
  • Alison Cohen, President and CEO, Bicycle Transit Systems
  • Ben Bolte, Founder & Director, GREENbike, Downtown Alliance – Salt Lake Chamber
  • Francie Stefan, Strategic Planning & Transportation Manager, City of Santa Monica (invited)

2. Marketing & Promotion

Presentation summarizing marketing strategies and promotions we tested in 2015.  What worked and what tanked?

  • Nicole Freedman, Chief of Active Transportation and Partnerships, City of Seattle Department of Transportation
  • Brodie Hilton, VP Marketing, Bicycle Transit Systems & Marketing Manager, Indego

3. Equity & Bikeshare: Program Development Workshop

Facilitated discussion to refine existing strategies and develop new strategies to remove barriers, drive trial, and encourage participation in diverse communities.

  • Hamzat Sani, Equity Initiative Manager, League of American Cyclists (Facilitator)
  • Tracey Capers, EVP, Programs/Organizational Development, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
  • Claudia Setubal, Access Manager, Indego,  Bicycle Transit Systems
  • Zoe Kircos, Grants Manager, PeopleForBikes (Small Group Facilitator)
  • Tami Traeger, Director, Outreach and Sponsor Relationships, Nice Ride Minnesota (Small Group Facilitator)

4. Redistribution Tool 2.0

Many operators continue to use Oliver OBrien’s Bikeshare Map for daily redistribution.  Can we create tools that will drive greater efficiency on the street and create greater reliability for our customers?  Can predictive modeling make “rebal” less art and more science?

  • Mitch Vars, IT Director, Nice Ride Minnesota (Moderator)
  • Manuel Darveau, 8D Technologies
  • Philip Douglas, Founder, Velobility
  • Sean Burak, SOBI Hamilton Operations Manager
  • David White, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Bikeshare

5. ADA and Bikeshare (short session)

A discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements applicable to bikeshare systems, including site planning considerations, potential accommodations, and strategies for partnering with other service providers.

  • Kristin Bennett, Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation Coordinator, City of Milwaukee
  • James Davies, Operations Director, Bublr Bikes
  • Ted Graves, Bikeshare Program Manager, National Association of City Transportation Officials

6. NABSA 2016 Federal Policy Objectives (short session)

Evaluate and recommend additions/changes to NABSA 2016 Federal Policy Objectives.  NABSA Board will adopt Objectives that will guide its work with People For Bikes and other legislative allies in 2016.

  • Katy Hartnett, Director of Government Relations, People For Bikes Coalition
  • Dani Simons, Director of Communications & External Affairs, Motivate & Director of Marketing & External Affairs, NYC Bikeshare

4:15 – 4:30     Break

4:30 – 5:00    Closing Session

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