NABSA Research and Guidance

Find information on NABSA research priorities and guidance on important issues in the bikeshare industry.

NABSA Research Priorities

NABSA seeks partnerships with researchers interested in studying bikeshare and shared micromobility!

NABSA prioritizes projects that explore topics and questions in the following areas:

  • Environmental impact/sustainability of bikeshare and shared micromobility
  • Intersection with transit/modeshare/other mobility options
  • Economic and business impacts of bikeshare and shared micromobility
  • Reaching new markets for bikeshare and shared micromobility customers
  • Additional projects may be considered.

Please get in touch if you are, or will be, conducting a bikeshare or shared micromobility research project, or project that affects the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry.

Research Agenda PDF

Current Research Projects

GBFS Update & Privacy Principles

NABSA is excited to update and enhance the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS). NABSA has selected MobilityData to support GBFS as NABSA’s data consultant for this project. MobilityData works to improve the coverage, completeness, and quality of mobility data standards around the world, including the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

Our goals for this project are:

  • to enable new features in bikeshare systems and applications through data standardization,
  • to protect traveler privacy,
  • to support data needs for oversight and planning, and
  • to make GBFS easier to implement through specification reference clarity improvements and best practices development.

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Coming Soon – Industry Metrics/State of the Industry Report

NABSA will also be working with bikeshare and shared micromobility providers to develop a State of the Industry Report starting in January 2020. This report will look at the industry’s footprint, system profiles, usage patterns, user information, equity impacts, and financials.

NABSA Guidance Documents