NABSA Creates an Advocacy Toolkit
for Members and Stakeholders

NABSA’s Advocacy Toolkit serves as a resource and guidance for our members and bikeshare and shared micromobility stakeholders interested in advocating on behalf of the shared micromobility industry. The toolkit contains documents and Knowledge Share materials that can aid in speaking about the industry, communicating with policy-makers and key stakeholders, and provide general knowledge that can strengthen advocacy efforts.

We created the toolkit to empower our members and shared micromobility stakeholders to become shared micromobility advocates. The resources provided will equip members and stakeholders with the knowledge needed to advocate on the local, state, federal levels. Members and stakeholders can share these materials with community members, decision-makers, and government officials to give them a better understanding of the industry and its role in building complete transportation networks.

Items in the toolkit include:

  • NABSA Recommendations for a Surface Transportation Reauthorization – a summary of items that are needed in a surface transportation reauthorization that gives needed recognition and funding to the shared micromobility industry.
  • Shared Micromobility Bill Tracker – a tool that tracks active legislation related to the shared micromobility industry (members-only)
  • Advocating for Shared Micromobility Infrastructure Webinar Recording – the recording from our shared micromobility infrastructure webinar featuring the City of Memphis, PeopleforBikes, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and Healthy Ride. (members-only)
  • Post-COVID Recovery + Shared Micromobility One-pager – a summary of how shared micromobility will play a role in returning to normalcy in the post-COVID era.

Future toolkit items will include new one-pagers, reports, and much more!