Upcoming Webinar Series

NABSA hosts webinars on the issues that matter most to you as you work to maximize your bikeshare planning and operations. 
Please note that all webinars are exclusively for NABSA members. For information on becoming a member, please see our membership pages.

November 30th, 12-1 EST: Tips for Talking to the Media

It’s going to happen — the inevitable media request. Don’t wait until a reporter is calling you to prepare yourself with easy tips and tricks for navigating a media interview. They don’t have to be scary. In fact, you may even leave this webinar looking forward to that reporters phone call.

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Previous Webinars

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January 13, 2017: E-Bikes

February 27, 2017: Redistribution/Redistribution 2.0

April 7, 2017: Bikeshare Equipment Lifecycle Planning

“Bikeshare & College Campuses”
July 8, 2016

Bikeshare systems are spreading across university and college campuses, and for good reason. Participate in tomorrow’s webinar to learn from some of the some of the successful systems, universities, and vendors as they discuss the special opportunities and challenges that go along with setting up and growing a bikeshare system on campus.


Sara Watson Curry, North Dakota State University
Francis Morgan, University of Southern Florida
Mark Rabinsky, Harvard University
Nate Taber, Zagster

Matt Martin, NABSA Project Manager, moderated the discussion.

“Bikeshare & Equity”
May 20, 2016

Equity and bikeshare is a hot topic these days. How do we build and grow systems that are accessible, both physically and operationally, to our larger communities? What programs and practices can we put in place so that our internal workings mirror and serve the community? And how can we design and operate these in a sustainable fashion?


Claudia Setubal, Bicycle Transit Systems (Philadelphia)
Amanda Woodall, Chicago Department of Transportation
Lisa Nuszkowski, Detroit Bike Share

Nicole Freedman, NABSA President, moderated the discussion.

“Corporate Memberships and Sponsorships”
April 8, 2016

Does your system offer corporate memberships? How do you gain and leverage corporate sponsorships? Learn about how others are structuring and incentivizing these memberships to grow and sustain their systems. NABSA President Nicole Freedman is joined by Paul DeMaio (Capital Bikeshare), Aaron Ritz (Indigo), and Patrick Kelsey (Subway).

“NABSA Bikeshare Survey Results”
March 4, 2016

NABSA conducted its second annual survey of North American bikeshare systems at the end of 2015, and the results have a lot to say about the bikeshare industry and opportunities.  Survey topics to be reported back on include sponsorship, funding, pricing, marketing, equipment and operations, and more.  Join NABSA President Nicole Freedman and her guests Nathan Brown and Jessica Carr of TrueBearing Consulting as they discuss our latest survey and what it means for you in the second of our one-hour 2016 webinar series.

“Operational Structural Options”
January 15, 2016

We will discuss the variety of operational configurations and relations that are possible when setting up and growing a bikeshare operation, especially regarding small to midsize systems.

“Q and A on new Chip and Pin credit card requirements”
August 28, 2015

Mark Ericksen, Mantrana Partners

Over the last few weeks, NABSA members have raised questions about new Chip and PIN (EMV) requirements from the credit card networks that take effect in October. Mark Ericksen and Lora Vigil of Mantrana Partners have offered a follow-up webinar to help us sort through questions about changes in liability and PCI compliance, and any others coming out of their February presentation.

“Festivals and Events”
June 1, 2015

Eric Gilliand, Jordan Kingdon, Elliott Greenberger and Kristin Nelson

How to turn your most challenging operation days into your biggest ridership and revenue days without crushing your team.

“Challenge Your Riders”
April 13, 2015

Nikki Javurek and Meghan McCloskey of PeopleForBikes

How to engage your riders + find new ones with PeopleForBikes and the National Bike Challenge

“Payments for the Bikeshare Market”
February 18, 2015

Lora Vigil and Mark Ericksen of Mantrana Partners

“Helmet Sharing Solutions”
February 11, 2015

Holly Houser and Demi Allen from Pronto! Cycle Share

“Buy America and BikeShare”
December 9, 2014

David W. Burgett and Michael Scheimer

Mr. Burgett and Mr. Scheimer are recognized experts on Buy America, contracting with all levels of government, and other country of origin restrictions.