Help Oppose Oklahoma SB 1374

In January 2018, Oklahoma State Senator Jason Smalley introduced SB 1374: Dockless Bicycle Sharing in the Oklahoma Senate. NABSA has been monitoring this bill. Originally, the bill did not include any preemption language. Preemption language was added to the bill and rushed through committee during the final days of February, where it passed with a minor amendment. It will likely be brought to the Senate floor in March.

Now in Florida and Oklahoma, similar legislation may be introduced in your own states. NABSA encourages you to be on watch for similar bills in your states.

NABSA invites all of our members and allies to sign on to the letter of opposition that we will be sending to the Oklahoma Senate.

This bill is problematic because:

  • It preempts local control over bikeshare implementation
  • It preempts local control over the public right of way
  • It preempts local control over safety standards
  • It does not outline sufficient safety standards for shared public-use bicycles
  • It  preempts local control over bikeshare operational requirements
  • It does not outline sufficient operational requirements
  • It does not address privacy protection of sensitive customer data

The bill seeks to preempt local governmental power to make decisions about bikeshare issues. These issues include safety, equipment quality and life cycle, maintenance, rebalancing, customer service, fleet size, user data privacy, and other critical policies. 

NABSA advocates for what is good for the entire bikeshare industry.  Legislation that benefits one player while harming the rest, goes against our Code of Conduct and is not something that NABSA supports.

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