The North American Bike-share Association, NABSA, was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation on April 15, 2014. The specific purposes and objectives of the Corporation include, but are not limited to: (a) providing support and representation for the community of public and nonprofit owners/operators of bike sharing systems; (b) accelerating the inclusion and growth of bike sharing systems in transportation networks and enhancing their performance across North America; (c) benefitting the common good through bike- sharing systems that improve public health, quality of life, place-building, economic vitality, the local environment and the global climate; and (d) creating a forum for the public sector, nonprofit sector and private sector to collaborate to grow participation and improve bike sharing service.

NABSA is a brand new member-driven organization of and for the bike-sharing industry. Benefits will increasingly accrue to members after NABSA has been in operation for a period of time. All voting and non-voting NABSA members will receive the following planned benefits in exchange for their dues and active participation.

Member Benefits

  • Participation in annual meeting of bike share system owners, operators, and vendors, including trade show, presentations by industry experts, and working group recommendations.
  • Participation in NABSA working groups and committees formed to tackle most immediate challenges in bike share industry.
  • Participation in industry discussions and forums intended to develop standards, metrics, data publication formats.
  • Receipt of alerts regarding legislative activity impacting bike share systems and opportunity to participate in drafting and approving industry-wide policy statements.
  • Participation in discussions and forums intended to define technology goals and accelerate the cycle of technology development and integration (1) on each major operating system, (2) within the bike-share industry, and (3) within the shared mobility and public transportation sector.
  • Access to NABSA resources and work products, including:

Member surveys regarding sales and usage results, funding sources, insurance coverage and expense, crash/injury reports, customer service call center activity, financial results, business models, staffing levels, etc.

Model contracts and specifications.

Annual summary of bike share system point of sale/product/price offerings, promotional activity, and outreach activity with assessment of impact on sales, usage, member base, and diversity.

Evaluation of sponsorship or advertising assets.

Meeting minutes and summaries.

Member contact lists.

Event calendar.

Potential opportunities for group purchasing or discounts.

  • Inclusion in NABSA communication tools, including e-mail listserves for communications with all members and for members using common technology.
  • Program listing, logo and link on NABSA website.
  • National point of contact/liaison for sponsorship, advertising, and marketing opportunities.
  • National point of contact/liaison for possible technology transfer and cross-promotions with other shared mobility sector industry players.
  • Connections and representation to partners with related missions such as the Shared Mobility Center, National Association of City Transportation Officials, League of American Bicyclists, Project for Public Spaces, People for Bikes, and other relevant organizations and allies.
  • Participation in Experticity product discounts from over 300 brands, including Raleigh, Diamondback, Crankbrothers, Kuat, Yakima, Timbuk2, Kenda, Pearl Izumi, and others.

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